Saturday, November 15, 2008

Haiti Mission Trip

Just a short note to let everyone know that our trip to Haiti is scheduled for December 8-15. A small group of six will travel to Bercy. Our mission is primarily to work with the children at the orphanage in preparing them to present a Nativity Program for the church and to have a Happy Birthday Jesus party for the community children. There is also a plan to do some ministry work at a nearby prison. We visited the prison in January and witnessed God working in lives of many of the prisoners. In one cell, 12 men prayed for Jesus to come into their lives and live as their Savior. It will be good to return and visit these children of the King.

No positive developments on the adoption. We are excited to be able to see Jenifer and spend some time with her. The arrival is so exciting and the departure is very sad. In January, Jenifer sobbed and sobbed which broke our hearts. It is hard to understand why it is so difficult to bring a child out of a poverty stricken nation.

Will post pictures when we return from Haiti.