Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Friends going to Haiti

It has been a whole year since the Shindler Drive Baptist Church made their last trip to the orphanage. Meeting Liz and Buddy Sunday after church and they are going to take Jenifer's birthday gift to her. I am very thankful to have those who travel to Haiti during the year. Shelly is staying at the orphanage during the summer. Her 9 daughter is also with her. The children love them both. Shelly has been so kind in sending me email notes from Jenifer and also sends beautiful pictures such as this one. Waiting to hear from US gov't about getting the finger printing done.
Still praying and waiting on God's perfect timing.

Monday, July 6, 2009

We are still waiting on our adoption to be completed. The paperwork is now in the final stage of the Haiti government. We have started the filing process with U.S. government. Please continue to pray for the children of Haiti.

We recently were able to make contact with Jenifer via email thanks to Shelly who is staying in Haiti this summer.

Sorry, I have not posted anything lately ......not really any news.

Thankful for your prayers.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Email from Herby

Herby is a translator who works for the Baptist Orphanage in Haiti. When mission trips go to Bercy, Herby is hired to stay with the group throughout their visit. He is a delightful young Haitian man who many of us have become quite attached to.

Herby has a facebook site, but no computer. When a mission group comes to Bercy, there is always someone with a laptop. This allows Herby to connect with the outside world. We received an email from him today and Jenifer was by his side sending us a message. It was very sweet to hear from our beautiful daughter. She sent her love and wanted to know when we were coming to Haiti.

It was a great blessing for us to actually hear from her. It is so rare that we are able to communicate with her as there are no phones and no address to send mail. The internet can be a wonderful tool if used properly.

No news regarding the adoption process. I have been in touch with another family that are adopting from the orphanage and their paperwork is in the last stage. Looks like their child could be coming to America soon. We will certainly rejoice with them.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


We arrived safely in Haiti yesterday. The children are doing well. Jenifer is as sweet and beautiful as ever. Yesterday was a great day. We devoted our entire day to weighing, measuring and assessing each of the children living at the Bercy Baptist Children's Home for any medical issues. We have been blessed to have a new baby in our care. He is in need of much prayer. He is severely malnourished, lethargic and has skin issues. Pam (mostly Pam) and I have become his daytime moma's. We can tell after 2 days of feeding and loving, he is doing better. PTL. We get so excited every time he shows a little progress. Today, he is smiling and sitting up. By the way, he is approx. 2 years old.

Keep us in your prayers.