Friday, July 11, 2008

Jenifer enjoying fun at the beach,

Happy Memories

The picture of Jenifer above was taken in January when we were in Haiti with a mission team from our church, First Baptist of Live Oak. On Sunday afternoons, when a team is visiting, the older children from the orphanage travel with the team to the beach. This is the only time the children leave the compound. WOW, they have fun swimming and playing. We traveled about 30 minutes to a private beach where everyone enjoyed a few hours with the children. They were so happy and full of energy. We love this happy picture of Jenifer and have it framed hanging on our wall.

We have heard nothing since our paperwork for the adoption arrived in Haiti. I do know of a family that submitted their papers in January and expect to have their child by October. But, then I read different blogs where families have waited 18 - 24 months. As I have mentioned before, this entire process is in God's hands. Bob and I know His timing will be perfect.

In the meantime, our friend Liz from Shindler Drive Baptist Church in Jax. just returned from Haiti with pictures of Jenifer and a sweet note from her. Hope to get Bob to scan the note (I don't how) and I can share with everyone. Her handwriting in English is very legible. Most important she expressed her love for Bob and Linda. Liz reports that her English has improved considerably since she was last in Haiti, June 2007. I think all these children at the home have such a desire to learn. They want to be able to communicate with the missionaries. So, many are studying very hard to learn English.

Bob and I are leaving next Friday to go on a mission trip with the Suwannee Bapt. Assoc. group. There are 50 people traveling to West Va. There are 12 from our church. We will be gone 7/18- 7/25. Please remember all of us in your prayers that we will be able to accomplish all things that the Lord directs us to do. Pray that we will be open to the Spirit's call and be willing to step out of our comfort zones to serve him. Last, pray for safety and good health for the team.

Please continue to pray for the adoption and Jenifer's safety.